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Dag Bakfar

Fishing Park Israel

Dag Bakfar was established in 1989 as an initiative of the second generation of its founding farmers. It is located near Yokneam Hamoshava, at the foot of the Carmel Mountains, not far from the biosphere park at Ramat Menashe and the Galil. Dag Bakfar is the perfect Family-Fun-Friendly destination for fishing, Group Activities and other attractions.

Take your pick of fun day trips, kids' activities and tours through the biosphere park. There is a buffet available for meals, fish for sale, and fishing equipment for rent or purchase.

Dag Bakfar is in the midst of a biosphere environment rich with blossom rug and flowing water forests. The fishing park attracts local visitors and people from all over the country. It is the perfect example of how man lives in harmony with fish and the environment. The vision realized, and the lesson visitors take away from their experiences at Dag Bakfar is:

Give a man a fish, you give him one meal. Teach a man to fish and you give him food for the rest of his life.


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